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A photographic package tracking app that protects companies from loss/damage and wrongful claims

Laura Borland

  • Project Description

    PODPIC™ is a subscription-based app designed to protect e-commerce, logistics companies, and last-mile delivery agents from being wrongfully charged for loss and damage claims. Benefits include: 1. Reduced insurance premiums 2. Brand protection of reputation 3. Customer excitement 4. Quality improvement and ongoing assessment 5. Decreased fraudulent claims Why it works: 1. Customers receive Proof of Shipment (POS) contents' and packaging quality before handoff 2. Signatures and photographs as supporting evidence for loss or damage claims 3. Proof of Shipment (POS) comparison to Proof of Delivery (POD)identify true point of claim responsibility For E-Commerce: - Reduction in loss and damage claims and returns - Brand reputation and market share increase Delivery Agents: - Reduction in loss and damage blame - Recipient signature as proof of no visible losses Logistics Companies - Identify gaps in quality - Reduction in loss and damage claims and blame
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    The pandemic has resulted in a significant uptick in business for e-commerce and logistics, and with that has come increased claims for lost, stolen, misdelivered, or damaged goods. Currently, the claims are shared between the shipper and the shipping company, with neither party being fully aware if they should accept the responsibility. It is time for reduce the 1 in 10 delivery claims. This is a $31B Opportunity (the annual losses e-commerce, freight, and delivery companies incur due to loss and damage claims). - 4M packages delivered everyday in the US - 11.8% Revenue growth YoY - 11% of shipments are damaged or lost - Increase in Delivery of same-day services, (groceries, meals) - May 2020 online sales up 78% from May 2019

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    - Only platform using photographic tracking from pre-shipment phase - Providing SMS notification of package acceptance with signature attesting to the condition and exactness of the digital image of the package and the physical one. - Requires signoff before package is released - Multiple revenue streams (subscription, ad hoc, licensing, and SAAS integration - Scalable - Trademark and Patent Pending - App is in testing phase - 2nd in 2021 Miami Herald Pitch Competition fbclid=IwAR0xXfx2rDn8c3Vy8PE4oNLGt6w0_nXObxaqZPHvttE-CtBRgtKBJldjEvs - Affordable

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    With the $10,000, we will use it to pay for the legal expenses in creating the Terms of Use, and to get those "Nice to Have" features added to the app to make it truly cutting-edge.